We do apologise if your name has not been mentioned. Your good will has been not forgotten and in fact we might be adding your name to this list this very second!


Dawes Cycles - Donated a Kara Kum lightweight alloy trekking bike

5mins.co.uk - Website design

Zoom Airlines - Donated return flights to Canada

Syl, Ruth and John, Anne P J, Robert Pierce Jones, Darrell Gillette, William, David and Ann Roberts, Freddie, Jamie, Sarah, Xavi, Grace, Zeke & Genie, Jackie McDougall, Ian Leiper, Christine and Colin, Sherril Twitchell, Nina Kraus, Olivia Richwald, Dee Chris, Bob Paterson, Peter, Katy and William, Katrina, Chapper Agnes & John, Oliver Smith, The OfferX Team, Oliver Smith, Keen Cyclist, Graham Lewis, Janet Davidson, Finlay, Deborah and Rhett, Ann Guthrie...