NB: Route in the process of being re-worked in line with day to day changes

Day 12 Sunday 1 June
Rest Day

Day 11 Saturday 31 May
Grand Forks - Castlegar
Distance:110 Cum: 705

Day 10 Friday 30 May
Osoyoos - Grand Forks
Distance: 136k, Cum 595k

Day 9 Thursday 29 May
Okinagen Falls - Osoyoos
Distance: 80k, Cum 526

Day 8 Wednesday 28 May
Rest Day
Overnight: Okinagen Falls

Day 7 Tuesday 27 May
Rest Day
Overnight: Okinagen Falls

Day 6 Monday 26 May
Princeton - Okinagen Falls
Distance: 112k, Cum 446k

Day 5 Sunday 25 May
Manning Park - Princeton
Distance: 55k Cum: 334

Day 4 Saturday 24May
Hope - Manning Park
Distance: 95k Cum: 289k

Day 3 Friday 23 May
Harrison Hot Springs - Hope
Distance: 41k Cum: 184k

Day 2 Thursday 22 May
Chiliwack- Harrison Hot Springs
Distance: 31k Cum: 143k

Day 1 Wednesday 21 May Vanvcouver - Chiliwack
Distance: 112k Cum: 112k

Tuesday 20 May

Fairmont Inn

Monday 19 May
Mave and Penny stayed at the Fairmont Inn this night

Sunday 18 May
Depart Glasgow at 12.40, courtesy of Zoom Airlines, on their flight 775.
Arrive Vancouver International Airport at 15.30
Mave and Penny crashed out at the Accent Inn at the airport this first night

Saturday 17 May
Mave was driven to Glasgow airport, complete with bike, etc, etc, by her son Bob. She stayed at the Airport Holiday Inn Express, courtesy of the management, and had a good night's sleep.






Planned Itinerary

Start: Wednesday 21 May 2008, Vancouver BC

Finish: Wennesday 3rd September 2008, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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