We who know her, and I’m sure that everyone else who has the chance to meet this remarkable lady will agree, has outstanding courage, strength and determination coupled with an eternal optimism and a great fun loving personality which lights up any room she is in. Her slogan is “I’m just going to laugh my way through the rest of my life”


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Mavis Paterson on a bike Granny Mave has cycled, run and walked to raise money for charities. She has also twice abseiled off “The End of Scotland” for Macmillan Cancer Support the two well supported events raising over £55,000. At the age of 65 she learnt to ski and canoed 80miles last year on the Dordogne River in France.
Granny Mave did a cycle ride for the Leonard Cheshire disability charity in Uganda and while she was over there thought she would climb Kilimanjaro just because “it was there”. She was 61 years young at the time!!!

Granny Mave goes to The Ryan Centre Gym in Stranraer three times a week where she is given tremendous support and encouragement from the team as she needs to achieve peak fitness for the challenge. In her spare time, such as it is, Mave is planning to visit schools in her local area trying to get kids involved and helping to make them aware of how important it is to keep fit.