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Mavis Paterson, otherwise known as Granny Mave, is one remarkable woman. She was born in Glasgow on the 24th May 1938 and grew up in Troon, returning to Glasgow to train as a nurse. She has spent the last 40 years in Dumfries and Galloway and now lives in what she likes to call her “wee log cabin by the sea!”. Granny Mave married, went on to have 3 children and now has 3 grandchildren. In 1979 she started a quest to raise money for charities that were close to her heart and has been doing it ever since.
T his year it will be Granny Mave's 70th birthday. When her daughter Katy asked her how she was planning to celebrate the occasion Granny Mave replied “well I have always wanted to visit Canada....” Being Mave she then decided that her "visit" would actually comprise a 5,500 mile transcontinental bike ride starting in Vancouver, on the West coast, and finishing in St John’s, New Foundland, on the East. Granny Mave will be doing this to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and will be funding the trip herself selling her hand made greeting cards & pictures in and around her local area


Canadian mountains

Thursday 4th September
Today Mave and her good friend and long time cycling partner Penny Weir board their flight at Halifax, Nova Scotia for the long journey home after successfully completing their planned 7,100km Big Bike Ride across Canda. They leave behind many friends old and new and take with them memories of a truly amazing journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic, not least of which include Penny's unplanned early return to the UK, for fitting of a heart pacemaker essential to enable her to carry on, and Mave's continuing lone journey through mountains, rain, snow, ice and baking endless prarie, until they were finally re-united in Winnipeg

Saturday 30th August (Cont)
At 15:08 Mave emailed:"We are at present in the Tourist Office in Pictou, Nove Scotia, trying to sort our flight. I can't think about blogging at the moment but will do as soon as poss. I'll do a wee blog about the circumstances.
See you soon, I hope!!!"
At 18:13 Mave emalled: "Flight booked at great expense. We are flying with KLM via Newark & Amsterdam to Glasgow. The flight leaves Halifax on the 3rd Sept. at 3-15pm and arrives in Glasgow on the 4th at 1-35pm. It would be good if you could let the folk know as soon as possible and perhaps a wee bit on the blog
Lots of love
Mave and Penny xxx"

Saturday 30th August
By early last week Mave & Penny had pretty well finished their great transcontinental bike ride. As a reward they decided to have a couple of days relaxing and sightseeing on beautiful Prince Edward Island. Whilst splashing about there in the Atlantic Ocean their dreams of free flight home this coming Thursday, along with great welcome party on the 12th at the Cock Inn etc, were dashed when they heard the disastrous news of the collapse of Zoom Airlines who have been such stalwart supporters throughout. They must now find a new carrier to fly them from Halifax to the UK which, at best, is going to result in a delay of some days in their return. The latest heard from them was by email sent yesterday evening from Penny's Blackberry whilst on the ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia (see album for picture showing them looking somewhat down in the dumps). All we can do now is wait to see how long it will be before their efforts to secure a new passage home prove fruitful - hopefully with someone as generous as Zoom.....

Thursday 14th August
On Monday & Tuesday Mave and Penny spent two enjoyable days filming in the historic city of Quebec in the company of their friend Triple Echo Productions cameraman Randy Chaterjee and his two young sons. They have since moved on in this predominently French speaking province, making their way through the lovely countryside and delightful French style villages along the northern bank of the St Lawrence, eventually crossing on the ferry to the village of L'islet-sur-Mer, and you can't get much more French than that....

Covered: 6,200km
To Go: 900km

Tuesday 5th August
Mave and Penny are in Ottowa and have each been staying a few days with old friends. They have decided to finish their Trans-Canada ride in Halifax rather than St John's and will be flying home on 4th September arriving in Glasgow at 08:40 on Friday the 5th. They are both well and in good spirits and looking forward to the last lap......

Covered: 5,600km
To Go: 1,500km

kids on the beach

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